It’s time for the next thing…

Just wanted to let people know that I decided, after over 11 years, to finish up at HP. Below is the text of the email I sent around before I finished and I thought some might find it of interest. I’ve got a number of options available to me for my “next thing” and I’ll update my LinkedIn profile when the time is right.

I’m still a big fan of mobile tech, especially WebOS and all of the open source initiatives surrounding it. I hope those I met during my unofficial time engaged with this keep in contact.

Now, on to the farewell note…


JOBO photoGPS on Mac OSX

In 2008 JOBO released a GPS device to assist with geotagging photos that sits in the hot-shoe of your favourite DSLR camera called the JOBO photoGPS. It’s a very convenient unit that takes a non-GPS capable DSLR and gives it GPS abilities. I use mine on my Canon 450D, and they can be found online at places such as B&H. This is a quick review.