iPAQ using Motorola V3x as Bluetooth 3G modem

So I have a HP iPAQ rw6828 (using a work provided Vodafone AU SIM), as well as a Motorola V3x mobile (using my own H3G or "Three" USIM).

Work have removed GPRS access on my Vodafone SIM at my request due to the ridiculous costs involved, so I thought I'd see if I could get my V3x working as a 3G modem with it over Bluetooth. It's important to note that you need to have Mobile Broadband enabled on your 3 account.

Note: For the gadget/technically minded, this sounds easy (and it is if you use almost any phone from Sony Ericsson instead of the V3x), however no matter what I tried, with H3G's limited help (they only support Windows XP) I couldn't get it going.

Well now I've solved it, and here are the steps.

New Music

New Music – Disappearing Day by Anthony Snape

Disappearing DayI'm just listening to an early release of a first album by Anthony Snape - a singer I came across whilst enjoying a friends (Josh) 30th Birthday party as Anthony played there with his band. What can I say - this album, called "Disappearing Day" (due in stores soon) is fantastic. You may have heard his single playing on Nova or 2DayFM/FoxFM without knowing called "Little Piece of Love" - you can listen to a bit of it here. My favourite songs on the album so far are Track 1, "Daylight" and the title track "Disappearing Day" - of course I like LPOL too 🙂 If you like light Rock/Pop with some great sound, interspersed with some good clean ballads and/or want to support a hard working Australian artist, I suggest you check it out. There is more info available at his website Thanks, Shane.


Update: Nutrimetics

Update: Due to family & work commitments Sam is no longer a Nutrimetics consultant. If you'd like more information or need to contact a Nutrimetics consultant near you, please visit for more information. Just to let everyone (and anyone) know, Sam is a Nutrimetics Consultant and would love to talk to you about what Nutrimetics can do for you. Whether you are interested in looking to buy one product for yourself or a friend, or if you are interested in the greater business opportunity of being a VIP or consultant yourself, please post a comment here with a contact number.